Jimmy Kimmel Talks Healthcare With Kids

Jimmy Kimmel Talks Healthcare With Kids


Jimmy Kimmel took a different approach to discussing healthcare on his late night TV show. He asked young kids their opinions on the versatile topic.

“From trying to convince the kids “fried chicken pox” was a thing, to asking them whether people with money should help others access health care and getting an enthusiastic “of course,” to learning one kid wanted to be like Trump, Kimmel covered a lot of bases in the segment.”

While most of the children believed in sharing, helping the sick, and wanting everyone to have the “luxury” of proper healthcare, one child did disagree. The segment was quite hilarious, but it also pointed out another truth in parenting—your kids learn from you. Kids often pick up their parents political and personal beliefs even if parents do not directly discuss such hot topics with their children.

Even further, it showed a flaw in the fundamentals we teach our children. Sharing and caring is often a Raising a Child 101 kind of lesson yet when we apply that to the real world as adults, so many of us go against that belief. The video itself might be a funny take on the healthcare system, but more importantly, it’s a moral conundrum.

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