Local Teen Sets World Record

Kid reaching accomplishment

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to set a world record? Back in the days of being a kid plenty of children dreamed about the possibility of being a world record holder, but for one Holland-based teenager, that dream came true.

“Ian Krueger, an 8th grader at Macatawa Bay Middle School, is the new world record holder for the average solve time for the Redi Cube, which is similar to a Rubik’s Cube. Krueger also holds the second fastest solve time recorded in a competition for the Redi Cube.”

Plans for the Future

Krueger hasn’t stopped there though. He still practices, participates in a local club, and hopes for a future where he can travel the world competing in Redi Cube competitions and participating in promotions. He hopes the community recognizes his accomplishment as a world record holder. He was surprised at his own skill but is now inspired to keep going and never limit himself.

To learn more about Ian Krueger and the Redi Cube refer to Holland teen sets Rubik’s Cube world record.

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