Make Time to Schedule a Dentist Appointment!

How to
Schedule dentist appointment

Planning a dental appointment for yourself is a piece of cake, you pick the day and time that works best and you go about your day. Planning for your child can be a bit trickier.  We are going to give you some tips and suggestions that may make the process a bit easier.

1. Planning Ahead

This one is a key element when making an appointment. Most dental offices will schedule your child’s regular six month cleaning at the end of the current cleaning appointment. This means if your child’s appointment is in December knowing what your schedule looks like in June will make the scheduling process more efficient.

2. Nap Time

If you are a parent of a small child who naps you know it’s best to leave them sleep and not wake them as you could have a real mess on your hands! When scheduling for an appointment let your child’s office know when nap time is and they will schedule around it. As a pediatric office we strive to make every visit in the office a good one so picking a time that works best for your child will make his/her experience a good one.

3. Mood

This goes hand and hand with nap time. Some children do better during certain times of the day. You know your child best and we trust you!

Every office is different and so is everyone’s individual schedule. If you have questions or need help setting up an appointment give our office a call today!

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