Not All Children Are Getting The Dental Attention They Need

kid at dentist

Growing kids have growing teeth, gums, and everything else in their precious little mouths. That means they need extra attention especially while they’re still learning how to properly care for their oral health. Unfortunately, a study found that certain children are less likely to get the care they need.

“Children in care, including those in foster and residential care, have double the rates of urgent dental treatment and are half as likely to attend dental services as the general child population. Children in care are also twice as likely to have a tooth extraction under general anaesthetic [sic].”

Every Child Deserves Proper Care

Here is a great resource for parents of all age children full of info, tips, and videos. Sink Your Teeth Into This Children’s Dental Guide & Infographic from Mom Loves Best.

While it remains uncertain the exact reasons as to why children in care are not receiving this vital medical attention, one thing is clear, no child should go without regular visits to the dentist. Oral health is just as important as the rest of a child’s health. While adults should also make regular visits whether or not they do so is ultimately up to them. A child’s health, however, is in the hands of the adults responsible for them. So no matter what a child’s circumstance, oral hygiene should always be a top priority.

To learn more about the differences in dental health for children in care refer to New study finds stark differences between dental health of kids in care and general child population.


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