Person Of The Year From Zeeland

Zeeland Person of the Year


Zeeland is just one of many small towns, but one of its local residents, Jon Lanning, proves that even small ponds can breed big fishes.

“Jon Lanning, President of Inontime in Zeeland, was nominated for the Small Business Person of the Year by peers in the West Coast Chamber of Commerce, which then elevated his application to the statewide competition.”

Announced by the U.S. Small Business Association.


Lanning builds a trust with his employees by actually caring about their well-being and the community that surrounds him. His business isn’t just about making money. It’s built on character—promoting charity over greed. Lanning’s made it clear that he could never have got where he is today without those around him. He’s set out to be a great boss and an even better person which makes him all the more deserving of Michigan’s Small Business Person of the Year.

To learn more about Lanning and his big win refer to Inontime owner wins Person of the Year award.

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