Quiz Your Knowledge on Baby Teeth

oh ooh quiz time on your kids teeth


For the past year we have been giving you a lot of information regarding your children’s teeth and how to care for them. We are going to put you to the test with this quiz!


Quiz on your child’s teeth

We promise it is short but also very informative and don’t worry we can’t see your results. No matter if you answer right or wrong it will give you information on the correct response.


Some of the questions include:

“At what age should you bring your child in for his/her first exam?”

“If your child wants something to drink during the day between meals, what is the best option to give him/her?”

Not only is this quiz fun it will serve as a refresher course on some of the topics we have covered over the last year.


Take the quiz here!


Like always you are welcome to contact us with any questions you may have!

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