Should Your Kids Really Be Allowed To Drink Soda?

soda pop

Soda has already been proven to have poor effects on general health, but did you ever consider what it’s doing to your child’s teeth? Pop can severely damage your kids’ oral health.

“In fact, one study reported that soda is ten times more erosive than fruit juice in the first few minutes after drinking it!”

Cut the Soda From Their Diet

So while your kids might want to choose soda over water, their teeth won’t be thanking them. Drinking pop on a regular basis shouldn’t be part of their health plan, especially when it comes to dental health. Along with teaching kids how to brush their teeth, floss, and use mouthwash, you should be teaching about proper foods and drinks for their teeth too.

To learn more about teaching your kids the damaging effects of soda to their teeth refer to Egg in Soda: A Dental Health Activity.

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