Singing Dentist Will Make You Want to Brush Your Teeth!

Oral hygiene hit songs


As many parents know, getting your child to brush their teeth can be the biggest chore you face all day. We discovered something that could help you and your kids making brushing and oral hygiene fun!

Oral hygiene hit songs

A dentist for the UK named Dr. Milad Shadrooh has a unique and hilarious talent of turning popular songs into something of his own. He has made it his mission to make oral hygiene something fun and enjoyable. His hits range from “Gappy” which is a remix of Pharell’s “Happy” and “Return of the Plaque” which is a remix of “Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison. His latest video however is all the talk right now with the remix of Ed Sheerans “Shape of you” made into “Save your tooth”

“With each video, Shadrooh entertains viewers with clever lyrics and some pretty sweet eyebrow moves”

Anything to make going to the dentist fun we love and this guy has it mastered! Get out your phone and let your kids watch these hilarious videos found at the website below

The talented singing dentist

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