Skip the Teeth Whitening Trends and Stick to Basic Dental Care

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At home tricks to whiten your teeth as much as possible are all the rage, but they might actually be harming your teeth. Things such as lemon water, charcoal, and apple cider brushing can actually eat away at enamel.

“While critics link fluoride [sic] to everything from dementia to diabetes, experts argue numerous studies show the mineral does not harm people’s health, with free-from varieties missing out on ‘the main protective ingredient’.”

Your Teeth Need Fluoride Toothpastes

It’s true, fluoride has always had its critics but regardless, it’s a vital source to maintain healthy tooth enamel. Fluoride works to protect your teeth from harmful substances that can eat away at your smile while these other home remedies only help the problem. At the end of the day, it’s not just about your teeth being white. It’s about having a healthy smile.

To learn more about how at-home whitening trends can affect your teeth refer to Five trendy dentals fads that are wreaking havoc on your teeth.

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