Toothbrush Of The Future From Kickstarter

A toothbrush that's good for you and the environment 


You think about the effect your toothbrush has on your dental hygiene, but have you ever thought about the effect it has on the environment? Your toothbrush is made primarily from plastic and needs to be regularly replaced, but odds are your brush is getting thrown in the trash and not recycled.

“Depending on how you brush, the toothbrush you own right now probably won’t (and shouldn’t) last more than a few months. Every time you replace it, you add to the 50 million pounds of plastic that discarded brushes add to landfills each year. Instead of contributing however-many-more millions of pounds, Boie has designed their toothbrushes to have detachable heads, so instead of throwing the whole thing out, you can just replace the toothbrush head.”

A toothbrush that’s good for you and the environment

Not only does this new toothbrush help the environment, but it’s productive to your dental hygiene as well. It contains a rubber-like material, which has a softer approach to your daily cleansing routine. It has bristles containing silver so not only will it unclog leftover food, but also the bacteria will be killed every time you brush. As an added bonus the materials last longer than your average toothbrush meaning you’ll spend less time and money replacing brushes. Good for the environment, good for you hygiene, and good for your wallet, could there be a better toothbrush than that?

To learn more about Boie’s new toothbrush refer to I tried the Kickstarter-funded ‘toothbrush of the future,’ and I loved it.

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