Track Your Kids’ Daily Health?



The more we learn about health, the more we as humans are beginning to track our own health on a daily basis. We use technology to track our excise, dietary habits, and so much more, but what about our children? As parents, we only see so much of what our kids do and eat. We expect them to tell us how they feel and unless they seem under the weather a yearly physical may be the biggest glimpse we get into their overall health, but that’s all about to change with a new bracelet-like monitor, The Kiddo.

“The whole point to using a wearable is to gather and interpret data. The Kiddo has four sensors built in that will track your child’s temperature, heart rate, perspiration, and activity. The Kiddo app lets you track this info on a daily basis, as well as keep tabs on eating, mood, and more, so you can know in the moment how your kid is doing, and in the longer term see trends and patterns that help you make decisions or discover issues, like food sensitivities or allergies.”

Monitor your kids health with technology

While your children may not be old enough to monitor their own health just yet, now you can. It’s great that as adults we’re taking our health into our own hands and making an effort to eat right and exercise on a daily basis, but it’s just as important to take our kids lives’ into our hands too. Living a healthy life starts in childhood and making our kids and ourselves aware of how to eat right and make physical activity a priority should be a no-brainer. Healthy kids grow into healthy adults, and what more could you want for your children than that?

To learn more about The Kiddo refer to Kiddo Wearable Lets You Track Your Kids’ Health and Wellness.

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