Valentine’s Day Tip, Tricks and Suggestions


It’s that time of year again! Time to show the one you love just how much you love them.

For your kids of course, this day is nothing but eating candy, writing, and opening Valentine’s Day cards.

Although it’s a fun day, it can be quite costly after you’ve purchased everything and planned a date night. We are going to give you some tried and true tips to help get you through this holiday without breaking the bank.


Valentine’s Day Cards

For kids, cards are one of the staples of Valentine’s Day; they are exciting to give and even more exciting to receive. However, for parents it’s hard to come up with something catchy every year that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. We found these adorable downloadable Valentine’s Day cards that won’t cost you a thing and will serve as a reminder to other kids to keep their teeth clean! Follow the link below to print.

Free Valentine’s Day Cards



Treats are the other staple of Valentine’s Day. Most people will buy a bag of candy and call it a day. However, this isn’t the healthiest or best option as some kids could have allergies to specific foods. Last year for Valentine’s Day we gave out a cute printable card (FREE) that said “You light up my life” Card with a glow stick taped to the back of it. Our patients loved them and it was something that all ages could enjoy!

Do your best to steer clear of candy treats. Sticky and gummy treats tend to stick to your teeth and/or pull out existing fillings.  If you do some searching online there are so many other cute and witty non candy items that will cost you pennies and make you the coolest Mom in your kid’s class!


Date Ideas

Now that we have your kids covered it’s time to get you squared away! As parents you may not be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the actual day but, if you’re able to get a sitter we have some inexpensive things for you and your spouse to do that are actually really fun!

  1. Game Night

Planning a romantic date may not be feasible for you, so why not revert back to the good ole days of being a care free teenager! Take advantage of someone else caring for your kids and hit the arcade with your other half. A game night is super low key that takes the pressure off planning a romantic date and replaces it with an old school game of Frogger or Dance Dance Revolution battle. When the night is over, head to the prize area and buy each other a funny gift with all of your winning tickets.

  1. Netflix and Dinner

If you’re a parent, chances are you’re exhausted and need a night to just relax.  Order your favorite food, get into your comfy clothes and spend your night eating, cuddling, and binge watching a mini-series. This night is a dream come true for most parents!

  1. Playing Board Games

Not much of a TV watcher? Another fun stay at home idea is playing board games. Makes some fun snacks like meat a cheese tray or and snack while you play. You might be surprised at your partner’s competitive nature while the kids aren’t around!


Hopefully our tips have helped give you some ideas to put some excitement in your kids Valentine’s Day and yours as well!

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