West Michigan High Schools Take Alternative Steps to Ensure High Graduation Rates



West Michigan schools are realizing that when it comes to education, one size does not necessarily fit all. While graduating high school in the standard four-year rate continues to fly high, West Michigan high schools are also offering a variety of other options.

“CEPI director Tom Howell said more students are continuing in school and graduating in five or six years, instead of simply dropping out. The five-year graduation rate edged up .82 percent to 82.81 percent, and the six-year rate improved by 1.42 percent, to 82.67 percent.”


Some students need more time to learn the material or even simply mature enough to take an active interest in their education. Four years may be the typical course of a high school student but others require additional years to achieve their diplomas.


Your Own Pace

Many schools are beginning to offer alternative programs as well allowing students to learn and understand material as slow or fast as they choose or even the option of a five-year track that sets students out to graduate with an associates degree. Some students are even choosing to work at faster paces and graduate early. Each school offers a different variety of programs, but one thing has become clear, every student is different and sometimes all a child needs is the ability to learn at their own pace.


To learn more about various West Michigan high school graduation rates and alternative programs refer to Michigan grad rates hold steady, local schools average 87%.

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