Your Child’s Dental Hygiene Starts With You

Kids Brushing Teeth

You ask your kids if they brushed their teeth before bed, but are you asking yourself the same kinds of questions? You want your kids to grow into healthy adults, but to do that you need to practice the habits of a healthy adult too.

“Kids learn by example, and parents are the first and primary example kids have when it comes to creating healthy habits on their own.”

Set An Example

So don’t be a hypocrite if you’re telling your kids to floss, brush their teeth morning and nights, and use mouthwash you better be doing the same for yourself. If you don’t invest your time in your oral health then they won’t invest time in theirs. After all, why would they want to do something that mom or dad doesn’t even do? Make yourself the leader of oral care and they will follow in your footsteps ensuring healthy purely whites from childhood to old age.

For more information on how you can help your kids and yourself maintain oral health refer to 5 Healthy Habits For Your Kids’ Oral Care.

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